Crosscuts in professional games

Which games have the earliest crosscuts; which the latest? This indicates when the first fight starts. Which games have the most crosscuts; which the fewest? This indicates how fighting-intensive the game is. Also, how many crosscuts were there in the game, in total, by Black and by White?

This table contains data extracted from the GoGoD Summer 2015 game archive. Pattern matching was done using Kombilo. Only 19x19 games are included. The collection also contains some non-professional games. A few games were not processed by the Kombilo engine.

There is the total number of cuts and the number of cuts by White and Black. The winner is only given as "B" or "W", as that is what Kombilo stores. There is also a column that shows whether or not it was a handicap game, but not how many stones, as again that is how Kombilo stores the information.

You can sort the table by a column by clicking on that column's header. You can also filter by player names or years. The "Game" column uses the SmartGo URL scheme to link directly to the corresponding first crosscut in the SmartGo app; this should work for iOS and macOS. I can't show the game in the site because of copyright considerations; it would mean making the whole GoGoD collection available.

First cut # cuts W cuts B cuts Game White Black Winner With handicap?