Eating Tokyo: Torikizoku (鳥貴族)

This is not directly related to Go, but many Go players want to visit Tokyo, and food is a good part of the experience.

Torikizoku, or “Toriki” for short, is an izakaya chain specializing in yakitori (skewers).

Every item is just ¥370; you order from a tablet.

Torikizoku has a busy and lively atmosphere. The simple wooden furniture makes it feel down-to-earth.

Generally the skewers can be divided into “shio”, which are salt-based, and “tare”, which are marinated in a Teriyaki-like sweet sauce.

Drinks include beer, highballs, lemon sour, umeshu, non-alcoholic drinks and more.

There are plenty of Torikizoku restaurants around Shinjuku station and Shibuya station. See the restaurants on Google Maps.

If the restaurant is full, the staff might direct you to a nearby Torikizoku restaurant where there is more space, or you can write your name on a list and wait.