Plus and Minus Values

“Plus value” is something that either directly gives you points, like territory, or can potentially give you points, like influence. “Minus value” is something that can take something away from your pocket, like cutting points, weak shapes and weak groups. If you have them, you can potentially lose something. The opponent has something there.

Learning Techniques for Go

This article focusses on learning techniques based around Bloom’s taxonomy—remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create—and how they apply to Go.

How to Train with AI

You cannot beat KataGo in an even game; even top professionals have to take two or three handicap stones. But high-handicap games are different from even games. KaTrain can weaken KataGo but it does not play human moves found in Asian server games. Find positions from your games where KataGo says that you have a …

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Nigel Davies on “The How and the What”

The how is more important than the what. It really doesn’t matter what you study, the important thing is to use this as a training ground for thinking rather than trying to assimilate a mind-numbing amount of information. In these days of a zillion different chess products this message seems to be quite lost, and …

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101weiqiLocalizer Chrome Extension is a Chinese-language web site where you can solve Go problems. Unfortunately there is no English-language localization of that website. So I wrote a Chrome extension that aims to make it easier for those of us who don’t read Chinese to use that site. The extension adds a script to’s web pages which …

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Using Tygem on a MacBook Air M1 (Apple Silicon)

I wanted to play on Tygem on my MacBook Air M1 (Apple Sililcon). It’s possible to install the iOS version of Tygem using the App Store and run it natively but I really dislike that version because after every move it requires you to click a button to confirm and moreover it is plagued by …

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Hwang In-seong 8d on Eastern vs Western Go players

Hwang In-seong 8d, in his live commentary on the 16th KPMC Preliminary League game between Edwin Halim 3d (Indonesia) vs Denis Karadaban 3d (France), said (slightly reworded): Asian Go players are more practical, more aggressive. They get their level by playing many games. In the West they get their level by studying a lot, like …

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Hein Donner on pondering and touching the Chess pieces

In the oddly-titled Dutch Chess documentary “The Love for Wood”, at 2:00 (with subtitles), eccentric Chess player Hein Donner says: […] a remarkable moment is the moment you will make your move. It’s the exact moment you touch the piece. In the split second you touch the piece you’ll see more than you have seen …

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