Consecutive nose attachments in professional games

Here is a list of positions in professional games where one player has made a nose attachment and then either the opponent made a nose attachment of his own in the next move, or the same player made another nose attachment in his next move.

Crosscuts in professional games

Which games have the earliest crosscuts; which the latest? This indicates when the first fight starts. Which games have the most crosscuts; which the fewest? This indicates how fighting-intensive the game is. Also, how many crosscuts were there in the game in total?

Openings of the AI age

I wrote a program that takes thousands of pro-level games, extracts the first twenty moves and assembles them in a single tree. Here I have chosen games from 2016 – the year that AlphaGo made its impact – to 2019 so we can study what kind of openings are played in the AI age.