In the Yunguseng Dojang‘s first lecture of season 26, Hwang In-seong 8-dan showed the “pinch” tesuji. This name comes from the Korean word for the kind of move that is called “atekomi” in Japanese. Actually there are similar types of moves with different names, but in the training problems, we don’t differentiate between them.

atekomi アテコミ(当て込み)

Playing into the opponent’s diagonally connected stones. Aims at cutting or giving atari. [Source]

atetsuke アテツケ

It’s a bit like atekomi, but here the move is an attachment, not connected to own stones. Aims at connecting or cutting or giving atari. [Source] This move has been called “diagonal wedge” or “angle wedge” in English.

kimekomi 決め込み

One kind of atekomi. It feels like ramming (rushing, crashing, thrusting) into the opponent’s stones. Contrast with sashikomi. [Source]